The advantage of console system

One of the fastest growing and most sought-after categories in our product range is “Console Systems”. Comfort, convenience, quality and security – a result achieved only with products of this unique range.

Sliding door with a bracket or console system?

Sliding console systems are suitable for flat terrains but this would not limit your door’s construction profiles and rails we offer can be found here.


The console system is suitable for terrains having displacement and entrances which have heavy motor vehicles traffic. Thanks to the new technology hanging portals do not touch the ground along the entire opening allowing heavy vehicles to pass smoothly and without any fear of damaging the track’s doorways. Console sliding doors are also preferred because of the advantages they offer – in poor weather conditions the console system makes it extremely easy to operate the door. This advantage is especially valid during the winter season as there is no need to clean the snow in order to be able to move and use the portal door itself.

In the product category, you can get to know the full range of console systems, a variety of kits, rails, guide wheels, stoppers and more. Follow the link to see our suggestions. Combine your own console system kit or choose a pre-made one depending on your portal weight and length. The console system kits may with rail or without, notice that no rollers for upper guidance are included in the kits.

Depending on the model of your door (with or without tips, profile frame or busbar), the appropriate guides are applied- guides with plate, adjustable or standalone. Our suggestions can be found in the following category.

A sliding gate scheme is provided for each product on our website, describing how to select the appropriate console system,% door extension, depth of foundation when installing trolleys, etc.
If you hesitate about the right option for your door, contact us for assistance.
Upgrade a simple portal into a sliding one, thus making it easy and more practicable.