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The team of Socrates Bulgaria engaged in manufacturing covers the whole range of activities related to ways of making motifs, details, elements and products made of wrought iron. In the years we have been successful to surround ourselves with proven professionals who know iron in an extraordinary depth, because we think this is the most important base for delivering quality. We are grateful for the diligence, dedication and persistence of work.


We have specialists proven to be able to produce masterpieces of hand-wrought iron. When combining the qualities of iron with the skills of a smith the uniqueness of the hand-made wrought iron product is guaranteed. In this way every detail, item, article made manually guarantees individuality, vision, quality and endurance. Also when we add the advantage of using advanced protection technologies then products become not only unique and beautiful but also extremely resistant to atmospheric and temperature influence.

Automation of production can not be overlooked as now times fast-growing technologies provide for wrought iron manufacturers the opportunity to produce extremely diverse in type, shape and size details and elements using machines. These are the prerequisites for us to be able to produce such a wide range of metal items. We have machines for hot and cold machining of metal, machines for forging of rails and profiles, for making wrought iron products, cold bending of profile pipes, welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, bending and twisting of solid profiles and circular iron.

Our team also produces for you elements for embedding, C and S motifs, railings, decorative panels and others, as well as details with non-specific shapes and sizes.

We aim to respond to all your needs, we are motivated to develop and equip ourselves continuously partnering with the “best” in the industry so we are able to offer you-our customers – security, warranty and affordable prices.

Our smith craftsmen and machines’ experts can do for you any kind of wrought iron products such as C and S models, elements for railings, gratings and other, in any form and unique shape you would like.




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From project to finished product

Sokrates Bulgaria has resources and a wide range of elements, ornaments and motives, which can be combined in ready preliminary design of the customer or our own project to reach one complete product and to cover even the highest expectations.

The team of Sokrates Bulgaria already twelve years tries to develop for you – our clients. to meet all requirements of consumer, the products to comply with the latest trends. the quality and speed are a priority in the activities.


Pageant, sophistication, refinement, aesthetic, style, class and mostly uniqueness.The magic of iron and fire, all collected in a single product. Product made in conceptual design of the client or SoKrates Bulgaria. We are proud to present our “business card” collected in one category – BOUTIQUE.

Human imagination is endlessly, but this is a challenge that Sokrates Bulgaria will take – products which do not find in our online shop, can be tailored to your individual preferences. Structural elements, metal structures, elements which a are necessary for awnings, sheds, fences and more.

The offered by Sokrates Bulgaria wide range of details allows you to get the magic of wrought iron. The variety of elements, motives, panels, profiles and other wrought iron products, allows you to create virtually unlimited number of combinations of your required product.