Patina processing

Everything you need… garden furniture, lighting fixtures, mailboxes and other accessories.
It is not necessary for us to convince you that everything is more beautiful when it is made of wrought iron. The Park Garden products category is now part of our portfolio. A wide range of aluminum castings suitable for outdoor conditions.
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Garden furniture is among favorites in choosing the right furniture for any home, hotel, office or restaurant. With garden accessories each green area becomes an unique place.

Apart from its own production Socrates Bulgaria offers a series of garden furniture and park lighting for its long-term partners- companies that are established well on the European market.

One of these is Park Garden which has done many conceptual projects that you can see in our portfolio.

Furniture and accessories can be wrought iron as well as aluminum castings – solid and massive or light and portable. With a variety of decorative motifs made with unconventional ideas and a refined design. The color range is extremely rich, from pastel colors to standard black mats in combination with patina. Choose the right products for you from wrought iron or aluminum, any colors and decoration, beautiful and rich, make your place for relaxation.

Garden accessories are suitable for a gift, addition, accessory or decoration for your home and garden.

In this category from our online store you will find mailboxes, cans, courtyard fountains, brass canes and more. The models offered are of high quality and in different price ranges.
If your preferences are not in our catalog, we can design the model you want accordingly to your individual preferences. Change the look of your products, emphasize your style and elegance, trust our products.
If the products you have selected are not available in that moment, delivery times are within 14-30 business days, depending on the volume of your order.

Contact us to arrange turning your garden into a paradise.

Add more charm to your place’ exterior with wrought iron or aluminum castings, make your garden attractive and welcoming.

Mastery, style and beauty …
The charm of hand-made wrought iron items is present again in our masterpieces. To complete this project we have put our best efforts, knowledge and professionalism. The wreath of the wrought iron composition brought coziness and perfection to the home. The products emphasize the power of talent and imagination of our artists with their aesthetics and uniqueness.