Interior and exterior with metals

Nowadays when time is dynamic and always changing and when people make extreme decisions, the wrought iron world takes a turn from the classic to a new modern style. Now from wrought iron can be done not only fences, portals and parapets but much more products in various areas. The long lasting life and endurance of wrought iron make it very popular. Candlesticks, lamps, tables, chairs, decorations can be made… Just choose an item and can be made. We assure you that such an item will be forever yours.

What about a bed made of wrought iron?! No need to circle around shops anymore and wonder what material and model to choose. Your bedroom bed can be everlasting, modern and amazing looking. You can make you home unique.

You also can make other type of furniture out of wrought iron. Can you imagine your bedroom dressing place made of wrought iron and becoming a real jewelry in your home.

Wooden benches are great place to rest in hot summer days. But what about a beautiful wrought iron tent covered with baldachin making your place look like a paradise.

We love to create beauty in peoples homes, offices, bars and any other places using decorative products made of gypsum, china, wood etc. Can you imagine how it would look a masterpiece of wrought iron on your living room shelf? Or if you would make a candlestick gift to your relative?!

Unexpected beauty and style will settle inside your home if you decide to decorate it with wrought iron products. The coldness of the iron material is nothing compared with the beauty it creates. You can look at the wrought iron wine stand and see its coldness but at the same time it brings with itself great feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Only the person who never has been in contact with wrought iron’s beauty can’t see its attractiveness. When experience such one you will be stunned. They aren’t impossible things in wrought iron’s world. From the little leave to the hard to make giraffe- everything becomes possible.

When your job is like a religion for you, you can’t say “I can’t do it”. When you know yourself and the materials well you can produce masterpieces.

We Socrates Bulgaria promise you that we will produce for you all you need for we love wrought iron and it becomes amazing in our workers’ hands.